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Plantation - positions, which we are not regularly working with

# Country Plantation Brand Types of flowers
1 KENYA tambuzi tambuzi spr-rose, rose
2 KENYA pj dave pj dave rose, spr-rose
3 KENYA panocal panocal rose, spr-rose
4 KENYA credible blooms credible blooms rose, spr-rose, gypso
5 KENYA precise flowers precise flowers ltd alstro, hyp, eryng, scab, craspedia, eucal, ammi majus, ornithogal, moluce, greens
6 KENYA flower exchange vegrpo-uhuru-groove rose, spr-rose, chr spray, chr 1 head
7 KENYA isinya roses isinya roses rose, spr-rose
8 KENYA everflora everflora spr-rose, rose
9 KENYA flora ola flora ola spr-rose, rose
10 KENYA redlands roses redlands roses spr-rose, rose
11 KENYA mt elgon orchards elgon collection rose, spr-rose
12 KENYA sian roses sian roses rose, limonium, spr-rose, carn, mini-spray, hyp, statice, gypso, soli, ruscus, eucal, delphi
13 KENYA mzurrie Flowers mzurrie Flowers rose, spr-rose
14 KENYA subati subati rose, spr-rose, alstro, gypso, soli, lis
15 KENYA maji mazuri - mzurrie maji mazuri rose, spr-rose
16 KENYA uhuru - flower exchange uhuru flowers spr-rose, rose
17 KENYA asai farm zena rose, spr-rose
18 KENYA molo river farm - mzurrie molo river farm spr-rose, rose
19 KENYA sierra sierra rose
20 KENYA sololo agriculture - sian sololo spr-rose, rose, limonium, eucal, statice, alstro, soli, hyp, chr spray, carn, eryng, kangaroo, delphi
21 KENYA harvest harvest rose, spr-rose
22 KENYA kikwetu flowers kikwetu flowers rose, spr-rose
23 KENYA tulaga gem flora spr-rose
24 KENYA ayana ayana rose
25 KENYA bellissima bellissima rose
26 KENYA karen- flower exchange karen rose, spr-rose
27 KENYA sunfloritech gem flora eucal, greens, statice, gypso, limonium, soli, ruscus
28 KENYA charm flowers charm flowers rose
29 KENYA thika farm zena rose
30 KENYA magnate flowers magnate flowers rose, gypso, spr-rose
31 KENYA eco roses Kenya gem flora rose, hyp
32 KENYA oserian- flower exchange oserian development rose, spr-rose
33 KENYA desire flora desire flora rose
34 KENYA black petals gem flora rose
35 KENYA kabuku shalimar flowers rose
36 KENYA mahee flowers mahee flowers rose, gypso, alstro, eryng, spr-rose
37 KENYA batian flowers gem flora alstro
38 KENYA bliss flora bliss flora rose, spr-rose
39 KENYA winchester farm - mzurrie bahati rose, spr-rose
40 KENYA utee estate gem flora chr 1 head, chr spray
41 KENYA akina - fontana akina rose
42 KENYA porini porini rose, spr-rose
43 KENYA roseto roseto rose, spr-rose
44 KENYA vegpro (just roses) - flower exchange vegpro rose, spr-rose
45 KENYA sosiani farms zena mini-spray, rose, spr-rose, gypso
46 KENYA pj flora and flowers pj dave spr-rose, rose
47 KENYA diya - fontana diya rose
48 KENYA zeeflora zeeflora rose, spr-rose
49 KENYA valentine growers valentine growers rose
50 KENYA suera flowers suera flowers LTD
51 KENYA zena roses zena roses mini-spray, rose, spr-rose, gypso
52 KENYA flamingo flowers flamingo flowers rose
53 KENYA equator Flowers - sian equator flowers spr-rose, rose
54 KENYA groove- flower exchange groove spr-rose
55 KENYA flora delight - flower exchange flora delight hydr
56 KENYA magana flowers magana flowers rose, spr-rose
57 KENYA aquila flowers aquila flowers rose
58 KENYA mount kenya alstroemeria mka alstro
59 KENYA XFlora Group Omang&Amor rose, spr-rose
60 KENYA mwanzi shalimar flowers rose, spr-rose, limonium, hyp
61 KENYA waridi (flowerexchange) waridi spr-rose, rose
62 KENYA alisha - fontana alisha rose
63 KENYA rising sun farm pj dave rose
64 KENYA primarosa flowers ltd primarosa rose, spr-rose
65 KENYA ayana - fontana ayana rose
66 KENYA wilfay flowers wilfay flowers
67 KENYA shalimar flowers shalimar flowers rose, gypso, eucal, spr-rose
68 KENYA simbi roses simbi roses rose
69 KENYA fontana fontana rose
70 KENYA baraka roses baraka roses rose
71 KENYA AAA roses AAA roses rose, spr-rose
72 KENYA bohemian flowers - flower exchange bohemian flowers rose
73 KENYA everest everest rose
74 KENYA florenza florenza rose, spr-rose
75 KENYA daleflora daleflora chr spray, spr-rose, rose
76 KENYA laurel gem flora rose
77 KENYA maasai flowers - sian maasai spr-rose, rose
78 KENYA gem flora Golden Tulip Farms Ltd spr-rose, rose, alstro, hyp, chr spray, limonium, ruscus, greens, statice, vero, eucal, diant, carn, eryng
79 KENYA alani gardens alani gardens rose
80 KENYA agriflora -sian agriflora rose, spr-rose, eucal