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In the field of wholesale flower purchase and delivery we meet the challenges of any complexity, help to arrange logistics of flower cargoes.

How to Get Started. Principles of Work

The first steps in organizing direct flowers deliveries. An individual approach to customers combined with the latest technologies in flower products ordering. The market prices and standing orders with fixed prices for flowers. Choice of the way of flower purchase.


This section contains answers to questions from flower market professionals and customers who are taking their first steps in the flower business. Orders placement, purchase on the electronic platform, farms preferences and claims policy.

Flowers Catalogue

Varieties catalogue contains the main flower types and varieties that we purchase. Statistics on the flower purchase by farms and countries, rating of varieties popularity, many pictures of flowers taken on different farms are available.

Farms Catalogue

In this catalogue we display farms from Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya - our partners in flowers supply we are in a daily contact with. Farms varieties lists, varieties photos and farms logotypes are available.


In this section users can get familiar with the list of available tools for purchase, track on the status of flower orders online, purchase the preferable varieties from the best producers on the free market, and control the entire process.

New varieties of roses for the autumn season from Ecuadorian producers2023-09-21


Breeding companies continue working tirelessly on breeding new varieties of roses, every time announcing more and more extravagant combinations and mix of colors...

The hydrangea season is over in Holland - as an alternative we recommend products from Colombian producers2023-09-14


Hydrangea (hydrangea) is one of the garden plants that has gained extraordinary popularity over the past few years in the world flower market.

Ecuadorian hypericum from the Illusion Series collection2023-09-08


Hypericum has been the most high-demanded plant in professional floristry for many years....