Approaches to composing mix boxes. Peculiarities of regular work with mix boxes 18-01-2024 / FAQ

Depending on the customers’ requirements to mix boxes composition, there are several principally different approaches to compose them:

1) The most expensive mix box

First of all we chose the farm (most commonly it’s an expensive top-quality farm). Then we choose exact varieties to compose an exclusive mix. It’s mostly agreed as a standing order with a farm and its price is commonly discussed once a season. As varieties ordered are mostly the demanded ones and the exclusive ones, and are bought without additional varieties, such a mix ordered from a quality farm, is rather expensive. Its packing standards are also agreed and are rarely changed as are discussed within standing order conditions

Here is an example of an exclusive mix: alba, mandala, explorer, lola, pomarosa, frutteto, magic times, kahala, be sweet, candlelight, pink x-pression, enchantment.

One can easily see that it’s not an “occasional mix composition”, but a thoroughly selected composition of the most wanted varieties at the market.

2) A high-level-price mix box (as a rule, their prices are a bit higher than an average mix price)

First of all we choose a quality farm. Then we chose exact varieties that should be excluded from the mix boxes. Also some color prohibition is made. Other varieties are permitted to be put into mix composition in approximately equal quantities, but without any extra-abundance of any color. Thus it should be a variable variety composition, but not the rests from the farm’s daily availability. The prices are discussed with a farm once a season and a standing order is agreed. The packing (number of stems per box) should remain stable from week to week as is discussed within personal standing order conditions.

3) Low-price mix box

Mix boxes are bought from daily open market availability from different flower farms of average level. It’s never known from which farm the mix boxes will be bought. Average does not mean bad quality or farms unknown to our customers. But there is no certainty that customers are going to get a balanced mix composition. Nevertheless a big number of our customers do buy mix boxes from these farms regularly. So, there is a high chance to receive a good mix composition. We control this process at the level of statistics and with the help of quality control experts.

As there is no standing order agreed with the farm, such mix boxes are usually bought at the current open market prices. In a certain moment, when the production is low, such mix boxes can become drastically expensive or not to be completed.

4) The cheapest mix box

Such a mix is bought from everyday open market availability from the farms that offer the cheapest price at the moment. We try to exclude the varieties and colors that are not demanded from such a mix, but there is no guarantee of an ideal mix color composition.

We also try to be up-to-date with claim statistics for every farm and to control all the general complaints about flowers and packing standards. But it's natural that the cheapest option carries more risks.

Therefore it should be noted that it is the client who determines the price policy when setting the task for us to buy mix boxes.

More information about purchasing mixes by bunches can be found in the article: “Purchase by bunches - features and peculiarities”