Purchase by bunches - features and peculiarities 19-01-2024 / FAQ

In some cases, customers need to compose a mix of several specific varieties in one box:

  • 1 HB (1 half box) of one variety (about 300-400 stems) is too much for the customer
  • the customer received an order for 1 box with a specific flower assortment.

Daoflowers flower supplier can completely satisfy such a requirement although there are some nuances that have to be taken into consideration:

  • Farms prepare mix boxes for customers by default. Usually such mixes are called farm choice mixes. An important characteristic feature of such mix boxes is packing as many different rose varieties as possible in one box. Farms can use different rose varieties with a request to exclude varieties that are not in demand in a particular region.

    But if a client asks such a mix box to be composed of some specific varieties, then it significantly complicates the process and significantly increases the price of such a mix box.

    Usually the mixes that include up to 3 different varieties in one length are easily fulfilled.

    Here is the example of a specific mix that can be completed without much difficulty: special rose mix 70 cm: 300 stems (mondial 100 + frutteto 100 + gotcha 100).

  • One deficit variety grown just by a few farms complicates the task to compose the mix and may increase its price:

    For example, if mondial rose variety in the mix “mondial 100 + frutteto 100 + gotcha 100” is replaced with mia rose variety, the probability of such a mix being completed is extremely low since mia variety is grown by just over 20 farms, and mondial variety is grown by more than 300. Besides, these 20 farms do not necessarily grow the other varieties of this mix.

It is important to notice that during the holiday period, farms practically do not prepare specifically composed mix boxes if such mix boxes are not a part of the personal standing order.

It is much easier for growers to sell three varieties separately to different customers (or to one customer) than to assemble a specific mix box.

As a rule the price for a specifically composed mix box is ​​much higher than for a regular mix (farm choice mix). The price depends on the varieties requested and the current market situation.

You can read more about different approaches to composing mix boxes in the article: "Approaches to composing mix boxes. Peculiarities of regular work with mix boxes."