User Profile

The fastest way to pass to user profile is to click on the name of the logged-in user in the upper left corner of the top of the page.

User's profile contains 2 man bookmarks:

  • main parameters
  • staff contacts

Among main parameters we advise to enter first of all your e-mail address and phone number to be able to restore your password through e-mail or sms.

These are new parameters in user's profile.

The "Staff contacts" bookmark contains all the user's staff and posts they hold.

In order to edit the contact information of the staff, one can make the following corrections:

  • delete/rectify any contact information of an employee: cellular phone, email or skype.
  • delete an employee that doesn't work for user's enterprise anymore or add a new employee.
  • specify the post held by an employee.
  • rectify the reports the employee is going to get.

The invoices are sent by default to the email, specified as one of the invoice department.
And possible items needed for purchase will be sent to an employee that is marked as sales-manager or sales-manager's assistant.

All these actions are made by default, nevertheless one can reject all the reports or sign up for all the reports, or sign up/reject certain reports.
If you enter several email addresses or several phone numbers for one employee, please separate them with comas.

he changes made by users are not synchrinized automatically, it's a moderated process.
That's why the updated data will appear after being approved by our system administrator.
As a rule the data is being updated during working day-time very quickly.