Online offers

We buy flowers every day except Sunday, and maintain constant dialogue with plantations. We analyze all the flowers of the daily farms offers and at the first we choose all positions necessary for the current orders. These orders are our first priority.

In addition to standard and pre-orders execution, plantations still have the large volumes of flower products that we offer to our customers to buy through our service “Online Purchase”.
You can find many positions of these offers: both regular and short-supplied (and often at a very good price).
These offers are available on our site every day except Sunday from 12-00 till 16-00, Greenwich time.

  • convenient search system and filters by prices, farms, varieties, lengths, countries, flower types, etc.
  • High operating speed:you can purchase additional position for your order by one mouse click
  • Daoflowers gives you the opportunity to be engaged in a dialogue with the farm:There is a direct online trading session between the customer and farm for all flower positions.

Click the left mouse button on “Online Offers” to display the list of plantations that offer their flowers on the free market today. ->

Farms are sorted out according to the time of their appearance in the system: the recent are at the top of the page.
You can go forward with purchase starting with the following steps:
select required farm, check out its product range, find the required position and buy it (relevant to the situation when you are interested in the definite farm only).

If you close the dropdown list of farms, you will see the flowers search system by varieties, lengths, flower types and countries.

Also you can display all the offers of selected flower color, for example, all white flowers available at this moment.

There is a possibility to filter by price, for example, to set up the price limits for the stem.

It is possible to select several varieties / lengths / colors at the same time.

Before you start working with this service, we recommend you to access to your order online, review its current status and after that to start working with the positions of online offers of farms.

If necessary, you can clarify all the details of each offer with the Daoflowers manager. You can ask your questions using any of the messengers convenient for you:
phone, e-mail, skype, viber, whatsapp. For example, you can clarify the pack rate, the price, the length and how many bunches have been packed into the box.

If you have any questions, Daoflowers managers are always at your disposal to provide you with the detailed advice.

If you have any comments or concerns about service imprvement, please direct them to our e-mail or inform us by phone. We shall do our best to answers all of your questions.