Variety purchase statistics

Variety purchase statistics service for the customers has been updated

Purchase statistics is a useful tool that allows clients to analyze:

* Which varieties (for example, roses) are the most demanded and popular on the market and what is the percentage of each variety in the total purchase volume in the considered flower type (for example, roses) from Ecuador and Colombia.

* Which farms this variety was purchased from and in which quantities and what percentage of this variety was purchased from each farm. You can also see the list of farms that produce this variety, but we did not buy it from these farms or they did not sell it to us.

The period for collecting statistical data is fixed by the last three months of purchases.

The “flower type” filter allows to display only varieties of a given flower type, for example a rose, in a drop-down list.

An additional “country” filter allows to consider statistics only for a certain country, for example, only for Colombian farms, or only for Ecuadorian farms.

By looking through the statistics chart of our total purchases of the selected variety from farms, you can proceed to view and edit your preferences for this variety.

The red light of theindicates that, when working with preference cards, you set this variety as prohibited to buy from this farm.

The green light of theindicates that, when working with preference cards, you placed this variety as preferred to buy from this farm.

The gray light of theindicates that you do not have any preferences for this variety from this farm.

Your farm-variety preferences (preference cards) can be edited directly in this purchase statistics interface.

Here the customers may also leave their written feedback about the quality of a variety from a particular farm.