Can I expect the guaranteed fulfillment of the position that the farm has confirmed on the Trading Platform – Online Offers? 10-03-2020 / FAQ

The majority of our current customers use our Online Offers service as:
- supporting tool - they transfer the part of the order to online-purchase
- the main tool to purchase the order.
We also recommend our new customers to start using Online Offers from the very beginning of cooperation.

In this article we will try to answer one of the most common customers’ questions:
Can I rely on the guaranteed fulfillment of the position that the farm has confirmed on the– Online Offers Trading Platform?
Answer: We cannot promise hundred-per-cent guarantees of the box receipt by the client due a number of objective reasons

In order to deliver confirmed position to the customer the following number of conditions should be fulfilled:
- the farm has to deliver confirmed box to the transport agency specified in our system on time
- the box before departure has to get through the random phytosanitary control without any suspicion on flowers diseases or botrytis
- the farm has to label the box with the correct customer name
- the farm has to issue correct export documents, to have an open permission for export to the country of destination (DAE)
- the scheduled flight for which we booked the space for flower cargo should not be delayed or cancelled
- during the flight, the boxes should not be lost, and have to be delivered in their entirety and good condition to the transport agency at the point of arrival. If the temperature regime was violated during the flight, then at the point of arrival after the examination, the cargo may be stopped and not allowed to further transportation.
- during handling and pre-cooling procedures at the airport in Amsterdam before shipment to truck, the boxes should not be mixed up or lost
- and at the final shipment to the customer the boxes should not be mixed up or lost as well.

As you can see from the above, the fulfillment of the certain conditions depends on farms, and on some of the logistical factors.
In fact, despite the host of factors and required conditions, the cancellation of an already confirmed position statistically is an unusual occurrence.

The current situation on the market has the greatest effect on online purchase:
- the more flowers on the market and free offers on the website - the better positions are confirmed
- not many flowers on the market – positions are confirmed much worse, slower.
Even percentage completion of already confirmed positions goes down.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the operation of Online Offers service, you can always contact Daoflowers managers or send us an e-mail to: dao@daoflowers.com