Difficulties and possible problems with orders from new customers during holiday periods 15-01-2024 / FAQ

We do not pursue the goal to collect as many flower shipment holiday orders as possible as it is a period of great risks. The smaller the orders, the better they are completed, the more qualitative range from the best farms they are filled with, and the easier it is to book spaces for airlines.

Therefore we do not strive too much to start working with new customers from holiday deliveries. During this period, we try to concentrate on high-quality fulfillment of orders from customers who have worked with us throughout the year. This is our initial priority and focus.

Sometimes there can be favorable circumstances for a new client's order to be accepted to work right before the holiday period.

Once we understand that it is not possible to fulfill the order, we will not accept it. We will simply advise the client to contact us after holiday shipments.

An order from the new customer can be accepted in the following cases:

1) If the customer confirms his/her understanding that the order is placed without priority. We explain that firstly we will purchase the orders of our existing customers and only then the orders from new customers will be fulfilled. Sometimes it happens that such an order can be purchased even cheaper (if there are a lot of flowers on the market).

2) If there are enough flowers on the open daily flower market.

3) If the client sends an advance payment, while being aware of all the risks associated with holiday deliveries. Without prepayment, we will not start buying holiday orders.

It is not possible to predict the exact prices for holiday shipments in advance (one or two weeks before). The customer will have very rough information regarding prices. Otherwise we will simply provide the access to our web-site online flower market platform where the customer may choose himself/herself the prices to buy.

If the client nevertheless decides to begin our cooperation during the holiday period, has already made a prepayment to our account and wants to buy flowers for the sum paid, we provide such a client with the access to our online flower market platform.

If the market is full of flowers available, such a customer can have even better prices. But in case of shortage, the customer will have to take what is available, and at really high prices.

In fact, despite all the challenges we often meet new customers who have taken risks and placed their first orders during the holiday periods.