Helpful guide for farms for the successful development of sales on our web platform of daily online offers 16-04-2024 / Articles

Every day by our system approximately 180-250 availabilities from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan farms are processed and uploaded to the online offers web platform.

On a regular basis, about 200-280 HB (Half Boxes) from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan manufacturers are purchased weekly by our customers on the online offers website. During holiday supply, web sales volumes increase significantly. The service is gaining in popularity.

Daoflowers offers farms completely free of charge its web platform of daily online offers for selling products, unlike most of the other resources that provide their platforms on a paid basis.

Start time for downloading/purchasing flowers on our online web platform of daily offers:

  • Availabilities from Kenyan farms usually begin to be processed and uploaded to the website at approximately 13:00 Kenya time every day except Saturday and Sunday. The purchase of fresh cut flowers from Kenyan growers continues until approximately 16:00 Kenya time.
  • Availabilities from Ecuadorian and Colombian growers start to be processed and uploaded to the web platform from approximately 7:00 am Ecuadorian/Colombian time every day except Saturday and Sunday. Usually, the purchase continues until approximately 12:00 Ecuadorian/Colombian time. During holiday supply, depending on the market situation, sometimes flowers are also purchased on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday for the better and more complete fulfillment of our customers’ orders.

What does the farm need to do to ensure that its availability regularly appears on our online web platform of daily offers:

  • Be registered in the Daoflowers database of farms-suppliers. If you are not yet working with us, but would like to start cooperation, please send us via e-mail: dao@daoflowers.com a short presentation indicating the types of flowers and varieties that your farm grows, and you will be sent the necessary supplier form to fill in. Each farm is always assigned a manager responsible for cooperation.
  • Place daily, as early as possible from the start of purchasing, your availability of flowers for sale on the free market for the current day. Our robotic system will analyze first the items that are requested in pre-orders of our customers and inform you about positions that we can confirm and at what prices. The remaining positions will be uploaded to our online daily offers web platform. In the event that a customer requests any position from your availability, you will immediately receive a notification with confirmation and indicating the appropriate labeling of the customer, the transport agency and other necessary information.
  • Since the farms use different systems for work, accordingly, daily availabilities are generated by their systems also in different formats. Our system automatically imports offers from plantations in xml format. However, not all of the farms have the ability to generate availabilities in a specific format. Therefore, we support the ability to import availabilities in various formats, for example: txt, excel, html, etc. In this case, it will be faster for farms to send us their availability via email, Skype or any other messenger for its subsequent processing and uploading to the web platform of daily online offers.

Recommendations for farms on how to submit daily offers:

  • Any availability must contain the following information: number of boxes - type of boxes - grade - gradation (length) - price.
  • All varieties must be written (printed) completely and grammatically correctly, otherwise our system will not be able to read them and upload the availability to the web platform, what means that all incorrectly written positions will not get into further processing, they will not be seen and, accordingly, they will not be available for purchase by our customers.
  • Avoid writing types of letters with stress-marks and special characters/signs like ñ, replacing them with regular letters without accents and without special signs/symbols, for example, instead of á ➡️ a, instead of ñ➡️ n, etc. Otherwise, most likely, all varieties whose spelling contains special signs/symbols will not be read by our system, will not appear on the web site, and it means they will not be able to be seen and possibly purchased by our customers.
  • We usually recommend farms a certain price level for the current sales day to upload availability to our web platform. Our system daily processes a large number of availabilities from farms of various price segments. This allows us to navigate the market situation well and formulate the best possible price at which the farm will have a better chance of selling its products for the current day. Then the farm makes a decision - to accept the prices recommended by us that will probably help to sell more products, or to indicate its desired price level for the current day. Our system can upload availability to the webshop at any prices that the farm specifies. However, it should be noted that working with a fixed commission throughout the year, Daoflowers is interested in selling as many of your products as possible, and accordingly it is beneficial for us that customers buy more flowers from farms. Thus, our recommendations on current prices can help farms to sell more products.

We hope the above recommendations will help you better understand the functioning of our web platform of daily online offers and accordingly increase your sales volumes.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our managers, they are always willing to help you.