Ornamental kales (brassica) from Ecuadorian growers 05-03-2024 / Articles

Ornamental kales can be a fantastic addition to spring floral arrangements. Unusual shades and texture, as well as the interesting shape of ornamental kales leaves add freshness and originality to floral arrangements.

With their unique flower shape and intricate leaf patterns, ornamental kale can be both a centerpiece and a delightful contrast to more delicate flowers.

This plant can add a touch of elegance and modern grace to spring arrangements. Whether used in bouquets, floral arrangements or decor, its unique characteristics make it a versatile and charming compliment to any spring decor

In Ecuador, ornamental kales (brassica) is better known as Kales. Accordingly, in our catalog it can also be found under the name Kales in the section of exotics

Ornamental kales are produced all year round in Ecuador, so there is no need to worry about seasonality.

Ecuadorian producers offer ornamental kales 50-60 cm in length in the following varieties:

Ornamental kales are packed 5 stems per pack, in Quattro boxes:

100 stems in 1 QB (1 Quattro box).

This flower can be found on our website on-line trading platform

However, to more precisely fulfill your preferences, we recommend placing orders a few days before departure from farms..

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