New market trends - new varieties 04-05-2023 / Articles

Over the past few years, in the flower market in Ecuador and, to a lesser extent, in Colombia, there is a trend of a constant introduction of a large number of new roses varieties. Every year we can see up to twenty or even more new varieties on the flower farms of Ecuador.

Flower breeders work tirelessly and experiment with the invention of more and more new varieties, improving the characteristics and productivity of the flower, creating new color combinations, increasing the vase life and resistance to diseases and transportation.

This has led to the fact that the life cycle of the variety has become much shorter. Not having time to properly conquer the market, in a year the variety may lose its demand on the market and lose in value, as it has happened with the toffee variety. A number of new varieties are replacing them, pushing the previous ones out of the market.

Nevertheless, the farms, especially large ones of medium and premium segments that can afford the costly process of implementation new varieties in production, in the race for leadership in the market, are constantly trying to expand their range, offering their customers a various color combinations, bud opening and shape.

The following varieties start appearing or are expected this year in the offers of Ecuadorian farms :

In the last few years a special niche has been occupied by garden roses becoming more and more popular. In recent months alone, Ecuadorian flower farms have planted about a dozen new varieties of garden roses:

Many of the varieties listed above can already be found on our online platform of daily offers from flower suppliers.