Ecuadorian and Colombian farms start deliveries for Mother`s Day 20-04-2023 / Articles

From the end of this week a number of farms begin flowers delivering for Mother`s Day to the many countries around the world. The activity peak of supplies is expected from April 24-25 to May 6-7, 2023. Usually this holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday of May (in Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania) or on the second Sunday of May in most of Europe, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and China. However, in some countries Mother's Day falls at the end of May, as for instance May 26 in Poland and at the last weekend of May - in Sweden and France.


The most demanded for this holiday is a short rose 40/50/60 cm of all shades of pink and lavender colours. Therefore, it is expected a significant price increase of these positions during the peak supply period, as well as their shortage in the market. Alternatively in this situation, we recommend to consider temporarily replacing these shades of colours with the other colours, as well as a short rose 50/60 cm with a longer rose 70/80 cm, that can be available on the market and cheaper in price in the current period, than a short rose.


As for the white and red, as well as the other colours of the rose, some farms are now experiencing an unexpected and significant burst of production, due to the favorable climatic conditions at the present time, as well as the natural cycle of flower production and the so-called "repique" - increase in production as a result of rose pruning for the holidays of St. Valentine and International Women's Day on March 8th. Due to these factors, the prices for such a rose come down, the market has a number of promotional offers. The flowers at the very attractive prices are daily available on our web-platform section on-line offers.