DAE – Export documents of Ecuadorian farms (finer points) 11-07-2018 / Articles

In 2013, the government of Ecuador introduced a number of additional requirements for farms, and one of them added some of the finer points to the work of flower sellers:

in order to export flowers to any country of the world, Ecuadorian farms have to open DAE (Declaracion Aduanera de Exportacion (Customs Export Declaration) – this document is to be issued by the Agency for the Quality Assurance of Agricultural Products of Ecuador (AGROCALIDAD).

The charge for DAE is approximately 20-35 USD per one country of export a month, depending on the way of DAE issuance.

The majority of the farms usually open DAE for Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, and USA every month.
The things are a little worse with the documents for Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Belarus, and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe and North America.

The DAE has to be updated (to be issued again) every month for each country where the farm is going to export its products to.

Having regard to the above, if the boxes are delivered to the transport agency on the last day of the current month for tomorrow flight, i.e. on the first day of the next month – there may be problems with cargo shipment, provided the farm has not extended the term of DAE validity for the next month.

Many farms are ready to open export documents for any country, subject to the sales volume is 5 FB for one time shipment or under negotiated commitment to buy 5FB within one month.

The flower supplier Daoflowers always undertakes with as much effort as possible to structure the procurement and logistics workflow in a way that the additional documentation requirements will no affect the business performance and customers’ satisfaction.