What is necessary for European Company to organize the shipment of imported flowers from Daoflowers 02-02-2016 / Articles

During the many-many years, starting from early 1990s our company specializes on flower deliveries from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya.
Daoflowers buys daily from 250 flower plantations and distributes flowers between 180 customers based in Eastern Europe, Asian countries and European Union.
We support our customers in 3 languages: English, Spanish for European customers and Russian for Eastern Europe.

Daoflowers delivers flower cargoes to Amsterdam (forwarding and handling agency IPHandlers BV) that provides customs clearance for European customers, vacuum pre-cooling of flower shipments, preparation of all the necessary documents, loading the trucks and further cargoes sending by air flights from Amsterdam to the city of final destination. We can also deliver flowers to alternative European airports upon customer request.

If customer prefers to engage the services of another forwarding or handling agent, we can send the cargoes to the agent that customer selected. We can also deliver flowers on FOB terms to the cargo agency in Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya that is defined by the customer.

The basic flower types and the minimal order volume for purchase that flower supplier Daoflowers can organize are as follows:

  • rose single head – 40-170 см, minimum quantity 0,5 fb = 1 HB (1 Half box).
  • spray rose Ecuador – 40-70 см, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box).
  • carnation single head – Select, Fancy, Standard, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • mini carnation (carnation spray) – Select, Fancy, Standard, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • spray rose Kenya – 50-80 см, minimum quantity 1 Jumbo Box.
  • gypsophila – bunches with weight 750gr, 1000gr, 1500gr , minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box).
  • alstroemeria – grade for order 60-80 см, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box).

We rapidly develop the shipments of the following additional flower types:

  • chrysanthemum single-head / spray - 70-80cm, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • peonies - 60 cm, minimum quantity 1 Jumbo box (Seasonal product, Origin: Chile)
  • callas 60-70 cm, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • lilies - 3-5 buds on stem, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • solidago - 70 cm, minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • hypericum - 60-70 cm, the minimum quantity 0,25 fb = 1 QB (1 Quattro box)
  • preserved flowers – can be ordered by flowers types, minimum quantity is 1 fb.

Before starting cooperation with Daoflowers it is better to begin a constructive dialogue about the flowers purchase with an example of your average weekly order at the usual time (not holiday period): varieties, grades and quantity of each variety.
This can be done in any free form.
We will calculate the example of assortment, based on the current market prices. As well, we will send a detailed picture of the purchase per plantations.

In order to start cooperation with Daoflowers, European customers have to open an account with IPHandlers BV or with the similar handling/forwarding agency that will arrange the customs clearance for EU.
The cost of handling and customs clearance can be paid by the customer to the handling agency through Daoflowers or directly to the handling agency.

At the beginning of cooperation we ask the customer from EU to provide us with the consignee's details to issue corresponding phyto-certificates and the certificates of origin required for the customs clearance procedures.

We offer to choose one of two possible delivery options:

  • we can deliver flowers to the warehouse of Handling-Agent in Amsterdam, with the subsequent loading to the truck of the transport company
  • we can arrange logistics to European countries It can be developed upon customer’s request, with indicating of the approximate weekly volume, and depending on the country of destination.

As a result of our day-to-day work with a large number of farms we can provide our customers with the indicative prices 3-5 days before the required cargo arrival day.

There are two basic ways to purchase the order:

1. Pre-order. The Customer places an order for flower positions in advance (usually, a week before flowers arrival to Amsterdam)
Advantages of this way are:

  • there is much more time to get into the order not only with the number of farms, but also with the strict farms prohibitions and price limits.
  • there is a chance to know the approximate cost of flowers in advance.

2. Flowers purchase online. From the open-market at www.daoflowers.com website, using online-purchase module.
Advantages of this way are:

  • among the open market-offers from plantations you can find an interesting positions and quite often at a good price
  • the customer has can buy and choose farms and flower positions on his own online

There is also a fine method of combined purchase:

you may include required positions (by preferable farms or varieties) into pre-order. Additional range positions or some interesting positions at attractive price can be purchased online.
Positions, which complement the assortment or are particularly, interesting because of price, should be bought online.
If there is small volume of flowers at flower market - we recommend moving the biggest part of a planned purchase into the pre-order.

If on the flower market there is a small volume of flowers, we recommend to arrange the major part of the planned purchase in the form of a preliminary order.

It's important to note that flower prices are not fixed and stable. Prices changes depending on the market situation.

Upon the customer’s request it may be possible to fix the volume and prices - to negotiate the standing order. But al in all, throughout the whole season it will be more expensive to work under the standing order than on the open-market, due to the fact that it is not profitable for the farm to make an agreement for standing order at the low price.