Variety statistics and variety list management 20-04-2009 / System updates

New web-service for farms - variety statistics and variety list management

It is obvious that flower growers are interestad in regular movement of all the range of varieties they grow. Each farm's variety list is bound to constant changes. For example, a farm planted a new variety and expects the first crop in several months. Or a farm takes a decision to eliminate a variety in a week due to its low produtivity or often diseases. It is important that this information should be available for the customers.
Our new online web-service will help farms to keep their variety lists up-to-date.
The interface of the "Variety Statistics" interface is a table that contains all the varieties purchased by our customers in Ecuador and Columbia during the last year. Insite each flower type there is a number of varieties sorted according to their presence in our customers' orders. The most popular varieties are above and the less popular and rare are below.
Looking the table of varieties the farms see what varieties they grow according to our database.

The farm can easily edit its variety list:
1-mark that the variety is not grown anymore
2- mark that the variety is going to be eliminated from the exact date
3- mark that the variety is already grown
4 -mark that the variety is going to appear in sale from the exact date (first crop)
the corrected data is highlighted for the farm by a special color till the data is synchronized with our system

The customer’s interface shows how many percents of this variety we buy at each particular farm.