Daoflowers mobile applications for Android and IOS: completely new interface. 07-01-2021 / System updates

We would like to offer to our customers an advanced user-friendly interface for IOS and Android Daoflowers mobile App.

The key differences with the earlier versions are:

• Completely redesigned and updated interface.
• Optimized interaction with new versions of Android and IOS.
• New services have been added.
• Application performance has been improved.

It is worth pointing out the new design of Daoflowers trading platform.

The new design of Online-Offers Service has an advanced filter system and displaying data on the screen of your device.


App page “search history” displays your activity of the platform: positions purchased / sent for purchase / cancelled by customer or farm.

Design of the service "Orders" has been also updated. The functionality for orders sorting in the necessary order has been added.

The output of help content has been improved (catalogues of farms, varieties and statistics).
In the updated version, the data output is more informative, each window has additional settings.

Preferences / prohibitions / absolute prohibitions services still help the buyers to participate in a purchase and now run much faster.

The flower buyers who wish to become Daoflowers customers, after clicking the button "To start cooperation" can use the wizard that provides them with the necessary information prepared in advance and helps to send a request to Daoflowers in the way that negotiation on starting cooperation will take minimum of time.

In addition to the mentioned above, using mobile application the customer can do the following in a few clicks:

• to view his documents (invoices, pre-alerts)
• to send a claim with photo or create a draft of claim
• to correct the order (to add position, to stop the purchase, etc.)
• to edit contact details, to add / to delete the staff contact details


The flower supplier Daoflowers always meets the requirements of the customers. We are constantly working on the efficiency and improvement of our services.

All your questions concerning the operation of Daoflowers Application for the fresh cut flowers supply, please send using the app form clicking the button “To report a service problem” or e-mail dao@daoflowers.com