Flower market review in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya (weeks 18-19). Mother's Day shipments. 23-05-2024 / News

This week there can be observed an increase in sales due to the peak of holiday shipments for Mother's Day. Farms in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya are actively completing pre-orders for the holiday. In different parts of the world, Mother's Day is celebrated on different Sundays in May, causing demand to fluctuate throughout the whole month. However, peak deliveries are expected this week and the next one


As Mother's Day approaches, the flower market in Ecuador has become noticeably more lively. This is especially reflected in the increased demand for all varieties of pink colors traditionally associated with this holiday. Thus, farms take advantage of the opportunity to adjust prices upwards due to the great interest in all pink flowers. Availabilities with the presence of pink varieties uploaded on the free market are sold out instantly. Some farms confirm the most demanded pink varieties only with regular or red colors.

Regarding the white roses, they are presented on the market in a wide range of varieties and in sufficient quantities, so you can take advantage of the favorable promotional price offers on our online offers web platform.

However, the rose production is expected to experience some decline following a long period of high production that will likely cause a certain decrease in market availability.

Gypsophila remains a popular choice for Mother's Day, with its availability on the open market being scarce. It's hardly possible to buy it on the day of departure from the farms. We recommend placing orders for gypsophila in advance, approximately one week before the expected date of departure from the farm to ensure that your orders are fulfilled and minimize shortages

The availabilities of carnations from Ecuadorian growers are still quite limited and prices stay rather high. With other flower types there are no problems


After a long period of high production and very low prices, the Colombian rose market has experienced a slight drop in production this week. There is still enough rose availability to fulfill customer orders, however, the super promotional price offers are not available any more, and prices returned to more or less regular levels.

Demand for carnations continues to significantly exceed availability, especially when speaking about red varieties. The reason for such intensive demand is that this year the memorial days in Eastern European countries with the red carnation being a traditional flower, coincide with the dates of the Mother's Day celebrations in most countries of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and China. Furthermore, most customers who purchased carnations from Turkish growers redirected their orders to Colombia and Ecuador due to the end of the carnation season in Turkey. As a result, a serious shortage of red carnations caused a sharp increase in prices that also affected color carnations. Furthermore, farms began packing mixed boxes without red varieties due to their severe shortage. We advise to place orders for carnations well in advance as well as consider replacing the red carnations with red roses, in particular the Explorer rose variety that is now available from Ecuadorian farms at the price of carnations and sometimes even lower.

Hydrangeas and other types of flowers can be bought without problems. However, we remind you that orders for hydrangeas must be placed in advance


Last week, Kenya experienced heavy rain and flooding, causing a drop in production and logistical problems. In addition, farms began holiday shipments for Mother's Day to many countries around the world. Increased demand has led Kenyan growers to try to increase prices, but so far we have been able to negotiate reasonable and favorable prices to fulfill our customers' orders.

Despite the ever-changing dynamics of the flower market, our online flower market platform always offers a diverse selection of appealing options, both in terms of prices and varieties. Customers have the opportunity to select from an extensive range of offers from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan farms. Given the present market situation, it is advisable to start purchasing as soon as operations begin, specifically at 7:00 AM Ecuadorian time, to take advantage of the most favorable deals.