Combo boxes of different types of flowers from the Colombian farm Multiflora 22-03-2024 / News

We bring to your attention combo boxes of various types of flowers from the Colombian company Multiflora.

The company offers the opportunity to pack different types of fresh cut flowers that it grows in its plantations in one box. The box filling, namely the quantities for each type of flower, as well as the color combination, can be proposed by the farm, or developed individually according to the specific preferences of the customer.

Here are some examples of combo boxes assortment offered by the farm:

The proposed concept may be of interest to the customers:

  • who want to start workштп with different types of flowers
  • for whom the volume of 1 Half Box (300-400 stems) or 1 Quattro Box (100-150 stems) of one type of flower may seem very large
  • your retail customers with small sales volumes who want to diversify their range.

Farm can pack up to 4 different types of flowers in HB (Half Box) or QB (Quattro Box). The minimum quantity for each type of flower is 1 bunch.

The price of this combo box is formed accordingly based on the prices of the packed flower types.

The following types of flowers are available to fill the combo box, that are grown on Multiflora plantations:

  • rose - 25 stems/pack
  • spray-rose - 10 stems/pack
  • carnation - 25 stems/pack
  • mini-carnation - 25 stems/pack
  • chrysanthemum 1 head - 10 stems/pack
  • lily - 10 stems/pack
  • snapdragon - 10 stems/pack
  • calla - 5 stems/pack
  • limonium - 10 stems/pack
  • veronica - 10 stems/pack
  • stock (matthiola) - 10 stems/pack
  • sunflowers - 5 stems/pack
  • alstroemeria - 10 stems/pack
  • leucadendron - 10 stems/pack
  • dianthus green ball - 10 stems/pack
  • brillantina - 10 stems/pack

A list of varieties for each type of flower is available in the farm’s card for authorized users of our web site: Multiflora

Orders for these combo boxes must be placed 2-3 days before departure from the farm.

We hope that such an interesting option will help to optimize the work of customers of a certain segment due to the faster turnover of always fresh flowers, diversification of the assortment, minimizing product balances and, accordingly, possible financial losses.