Rose Parade in the city of Tabacundo (canton of Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador) 28-09-2023 / News

And again there is a rose parade in Ecuador... This time in the city of Tabacundo, canton of Pedro Moncayo.

Pedro Moncayo is a canton in the north of the province of Pichincha in Ecuador, the administrative center of which is the city of Tabacundo. The canton is located in the northeast, in 40 minutes' drive from the city of Quito, and is well known for more than 400 flower plantations, mainly engaged in roses ciltivating. Producing 4 to 5 million stems daily, the Pedro Moncayo region is respectfully called the “World Capital of Roses”. Cloimatic and natural conditions (altitude above sea level and the sun shining with the same intensity all year round) make these lands the excellent producers of not only stable, but also the high-quality products.

On September 17, 2023, the city of Tabacundo hosted the first Rose Parade as part of the celebrations arranged to coincide with the anniversary of the cantonization of Pedro Moncayo.

Flowers, music, dance and national folklore are important components of the holiday, organized with the participation of the organization CFT (Corporación de Floricultores Tabacundo - Corporation of Flower Producers in Tabacundo).

The city's streets were filled with a riot of color from the participating flower floats, adorned with the most beautiful roses from the region's producing farms. Fascinating music and dance performances showed the history and culture of the region.