New varieties of roses for the autumn season from Ecuadorian producers 21-09-2023 / News

Breeding companies continue working tirelessly on breeding new varieties of roses, every time announcing more and more extravagant combinations and mix of colors amazing imagination and surprising with textures and shapes.

In turn, Ecuadorian farms are following the trend of ongoing updates of their lists of varieties, planting new varieties of roses in the battle for primacy in the market, attracting new and retaining established customers.

This autumn season was no exception. A number of new varieties have appeared on the market. We present them to your attention for your guidance:

Despite the fairly high price, garden roses remain invariably popular. As a rule, they are presented in short lengths of 40-50 cm, less often of 60-70 cm. Throughout the entire period of vase life until the bud is completely opened, you can observe the unique feature and versatility of the shapes of garden roses at each stage of their flowering. Thus, the following varieties have already begun to appear in Ecuadorian farms’ offers:

It is worth noting that the market share of these varieties will partially depend on their tolerance to the shipping conditions, as well as the vase life upon arrival to customers. Which varieties will gain a foothold on the market is still a mystery!

Most of the varieties listed above can be found daily in the offers of Ecuadorian farms on our on-line platform. However, to more accurately fulfill your preferences, we recommend placing the orders four to five days before departure from farms.