Some Ecuadorian plantations stopped the flowers shipments. Airlines canceled flights. 20-03-2020 / News

Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic in the world has also affected flower production.
Due to massive closures of points of sale in Central and Eastern Europe, customer orders have decreased or completely canceled.
Accordingly, sales of all Ecuadorian and Colombian plantations fell.
Kenyan plantations now export about 20% of their regular volumes. The rest of the products, unfortunately, are being thrown away due to the lack of demand and the inappropriateness of selling at such low prices.

Some plantations have informed us that they are stopping deliveries because it is not economically viable for them to keep staff on such small orders .
The Plantations are doing their best to cut any costs and will try to get through this difficult time.

Such adjustments could not but affect the logistics side of the business:
- due to falling demand, such giants of cargo transportation such as Emirates airlines, KLM, Cargolux, Quatar airlines have canceled most of the regular cargo flights (for example, Friday and Sunday flights from Quito and Bogotá to Amsterdam)
- all passenger aircraft were canceled, which also carried small volumes of cargo not only in Amsterdam, for example Turkish airlines (Friday flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan)